DynaPLM is PLM (Product Life Cycle Management) solution to manage product data and development processes integrated into the whole product life cycle including product design, initiation, testing, mass production, and maintenance of product through CAD system integration and connection with ERP system. Users can improve convenience and efficiency of work by conducting various works related to engineering under single application program environment and finally can maximize management efficiency through the management and utilization of process integrated into product information.
By introducing DynaPLM, users can
  • attain competiveness of product development by
  • improving communication with related divisions,
  • reducing changes in design and quickly handle it,
  • reducing the possibility of rework and material loss resulted from errors about product information,
  • securing net design time by reducing incidental works,
  • increasing recycling rate of data related to development,
  • and reducing the number of part to be managed.

DynaPLMis PLM solution optimized for the environment of domestic manufacturing companies.

  • Solution developed solely with domestic technology (14 years of expertise and know-how on PLM development)
  • Acquired template for various business types based on best practices for each industry
  • iBow solution’s unique solution that is easy to customize and ensures success of project
  • Implements customized system based on powerful customizing tool DynaMOAD
  • Professional and reliable technical support through comprehensive assistance (S/W development, consulting, maintenance, and technical support)
  • Certified and internationally recognized solution that successfully entered overseas markets
  • System independent of platform (providing supports for all of Unix, Linux and MS-Windows based on Java support)
  • Compatible system that supports various industrial standards (J2EE / JSP / SERVLET / HTTP / JAVA, WFMC, etc.)
  • Supports object-oriented data management (supports business information and correlation modeling using UML)
  • Supports powerful 3D shape management through connection between various 3D / 2D CAD and B.O.M (Cad Data Management System)
  • Easy to improve system scalability (supports multiple servers and server clusters)
  • Supports connection with multi server with n-Tier structure (system distribution, integration with search engine, etc.)

Product structure

Module composition