This 3D CAD system has been developed for easy and rapid design of equipment and facilities
in Japan and provides easier, more rapid and efficient design based on design techniques distinct from existing CAD.

Features of iCADPlus


Did you feel frustrated by the slow pace of CAD system?
ICAD is the world’s fastest and lightest 3D CAD.
Comparison of data processing speed  * subject: general purpose machine tool: about 6,000 parts
*measurement environment: CPU : Dual –core 2.g GHZ, memory: 2GB
CAD produced by other companies
32bit 32bit 64bit
Load (editing mode) 2 seconds Measurement failure due to insufficient memory 11 minute 58 seconds
Copy (6,000 parts) 0.4 seconds 1 minute 44 seconds
Move (6,000 parts) 0.2 seconds 9 seconds
Stretch 0.2 seconds 49 seconds
Hole (add / delete) 0.2 seconds 22 seconds
Round (add / modify) 0.2 seconds 20 seconds
Save 10 seconds 1 minute 15 seconds


You can make a 3D design easily with ICAD.
What all of existing 3D CAD systems have in common is that they are not appropriate for designing devices and facilities with a huge number of parts because of their way of creating and editing shapes by constraints. You can easily design by ICAD without constraints with its iCAD direct modeling/ editing method and easily assembly with copy and move functions.
* Easy 3D modeling without dimensional constraints
* Direct shape editing with stretch function
*Able to assembly without constraints between parts
* In addition, you can convert 2D drawing to 3D quickly through iCAD’s innovative modeling function.
(man-hours can be reduced to three-tenth compared to CAD of other companies)
2D → 3D direct modeling


Should I change design process because of 3D CAD? No.
ICAD provides high-efficiency design process optimized for designing device and equipment.

Configuration design
ICAD starts designing in a single file regardless of level of parts, arranges 2D layout in 3D space and quickly converts 2D layout to 3D by simple operation.
Detail design
ICAD performs detail design in state of assembly considering correlation between parts.
Intuitive modeling is available as the level of parts is configured based on shape after detail design is completed.

Drawing time can be drastically shortened by iCAD’s automatic dimension function.
In addition, easy and accurate drawing is available based on BOM and title section template function.

Printing and conversion
iCAD provides batch printing and batch AutoCAD converting functions for easier printing and AutoCAD conversion.

Digital verification

iCAD boasts high quality features with easy and various verification functions.

You can easily check weight and the center of gravity by entering information of materials.

High-speed interference checking
With high-speed interference checking engine, it takes about 20 seconds to do interference checking on 36,000 parts and each part interfered can be edited in the state of assembly.
CAD motion simulation
iCAD can connect to excel time chart automatically by setting conditions through simple operation and control time and speed.
You can easily start simulation through simple operation. Therefore, iCAD can be used for various purposes including process analysis, sales proposal, and communication with related departments.