iCADPlus Features of Product

Easy to use

Anyone can easily make a 3D design using iCAD after learning how to use it briefly. iCAD offers user interface that enables designers to express their ideas quickly regardless of complicated constraints.
Direct modeling
For direct modeling of ideas for design without sketch plane, iCAD provides interface with icons and measuring tape and supports intuitive 3D modeling.
Direct editing
Users can go into stretch mode by selecting stretch icon and plane to edit with the mouse.
Users can edit shapes without caring about history of modeling or constraints.

Configuration design stage

Users can express ideas for design using various modeling functions in configuration design stage at the beginning of design.
2D/3D integrated design
Users can arrange 2D layout in 3D with simple operation after sketching uncertain ideas in 2D at the beginning or design. Users can proceed with design process by modeling each element from layouts
Innovative 2D drawing modeling
iCAD’s distinctive 2D-to-3D modeling function enables easier and 30 times faster modeling than existing system.
Modeling function is available in spite of uncertainty in sketches
Even when lines cross or there are no sufficient lines and modeling section is not created, iCAD searches sections so that users can do modeling easily.
Layout examination by simple shapes
Without sketch plane, basic shapes such as cylinder and cuboid can be arranged in 3D directly and layout can be configured quickly.
Perfect top-down design assistance
iCAD offers perfect top-down design assistance for the design of large assemblies including device and equipment.
- Design is initiated in a single file instead of creating several files at the beginning of design
- Efficient design assistance is provided by designating component number and name when design is completed
- Hierarchical top-down design is available from entire assemblies to sub-assemblies and part
- Design levels can be freely changed according to changes in design
- All levels can be adjusted or edited without converting part mode.
- Supporting cooperation and team design through function for an authorization of design

3D verification

Design errors are prevented by various types of 3D verification
Interference checking
About 30,000 parts can be checked for interference within 20 seconds by high-speed interference checking function of iCAD.
Kinematic verification
Constraints between parts can be applied automatically and kinematic operation and dynamic interference can be checked through automatic constraint function.
Weight, center of gravity, and moment of inertia can be confirmed immediately by applying materials. The center of gravity is marked on a model so that it is easy to examine the balance of device.
High-speed assembly section checks
Sectioning can be done at a high speed in large assembly which cannot be sectioned by existing system.
Sheet metal design
Shapes can be made easily by using a variety of functions. Accurate development figure can be created by entering elongation for each material and thickness of sheet.
※ This function is available as an option.
Structural analysis
Product reliability can be ensured and cost can be reduced by using a separate analysis program. iCAD can be linked to the data of KSWAD and TSV.
※ This function is available as an option.
Piping system design
JIS standard and JPI standard part library is provided for piping system design. Piping diagram is automatically formed in the form of ISO VIEW so that design time can be drastically reduced.
※ This function is available as an option.
Electric circuit design
Electric circuit diagram can be created effectively by building circuit library, arranging symbols, and creating part list automatically after giving wire number.
※ This function is available as an option.
Harness design
Arrangement and editing and measuring length of electric parts can be conducted as well as routing, and the cost of materials for working with Harness can be reduced.
※ This function is available as an option.

Effective design assistance

Users can search text without registering keywords, and models searched can be used without constraints.
Efficiency of design work is ensured by providing basic library of frequently-used standards.
Text information search engine
iCAD quickly searches all text information including not only drawing dimension, annotation, and title section but also 3D annotation and features.
Utilization of search data
In case of copying data using a part of exiting model, it can be arranged regardless of the history of the model or constraints.
Part library
Standard library of about 20,000 machine parts is provided.
Design parametric function
3D design and editing are available without constraints in configuration design stage, and constraints can be added in the stage of design determination. Template also can be designed by using the parametric design function.

Full drafting functions for mechanical design

iCAD provides drafting function superior to 2D CAD and enables efficient drawing through automatic dimension and BOM functions. In addition, mechanical design is available through 3D annotation function, without drawing.
Automatic dimension
As dimensions can be created to make drawing by one click, time for drawing can be drastically reduced.
Large-scale assembly drawing
iCAD’s high-speed engine is a solution for large assembly drawings that cannot be created due to insufficient memory.
ISO drawing
Shape of part is easily recognized by adding isometric view to part drawing and this can minimize drawing mistakes.
Multiple drafting functions
iCAD offers a variety of drafting symbols and multiple functions superior to 2D CAD. Dimension, surface roughness, geometric tolerance, and weld symbol can be manipulated intuitively at a separate screen.
Automatic BOM and balloon
BOM can be created of parts on 3D space automatically linking to excel. Time for creating BOM and mistakes can be drastically reduced. Balloon linked to part list can be made in ISO view.
Deal drawing function
iCAD offers part disassembly function on 3D space. It helps users greatly reduce assembly process or man-hours for making part list.
3D annotation
All of annotations (dimension, processing information) can be marked on 3D model. Paper drawing is still required at product site. Joint research for the operation without paper drawing is ongoing in collaboration with advanced users.

Digital verification

Manipulation and maintenance can be verified and process ability can be confirmed before final determination of design. 3D data can be utilized at other sectors through viewer and support for assembly process and work efficiency can be ensured.
Work through
Workability can be checked from the perspective of worker and work space can be secured so that manipulation and maintenance can be verified.
Processing verification
Processing work can be confirmed from the information of hole processing and surface roughness of 3D model.
Users can check 3D model and 2D drawing of iCAD in the viewer. Section check, measurement, markup, reproduction of synchronized motion are available.
Resource for assembly
Man-hours for assembly can be reduced by storing, deleting, and detecting assembly order, in addition to the function of viewer.

Mold design

Mold structure consists of two main parts; cavity and core part with free form surface and stationery part with assembly design. In case of the stationery part that accounts for more than 70% of mold structure, the number of freezing hole and ejector pin greatly increases and the total data capacity also increases in large product. iCAD with high-speed model processing engine provides optimum condition for design that does not interrupt designer’s idea for large-scale mold design.