Product feature of DynaPLM

Part management

Properties of parts can be managed through management of product classification system and standards of parts, and product-oriented integrated information management is available (drawings, documents, changing design, connecting project information).
  • Registration, modification, deletion, edition, and storage of products and version, history, and state management of product information
  • Support searching product information based on various search conditions

Product structure (BOM) management

History of BOM of products (parts) can be managed systematically. Consistency of BOM is maintained through linkage with other systems and this increases work efficiency.
  • Product search through registration, deletion, edition, and storage of BOM and explosion and implosion
  • Work progress, management of information related to BOM, and assistance of drawing up BOM report based on BOM comparison

Document management

With integrated management of documents, history of document can be managed systematically through automatic document numbering, version control, document check in/out using standardized document classification system and document form management.
  • Management of document classification system, document registration and revision, document information version, revision history, state management
  • Management of progress through electronic approval and distribution, management of standard form and authority for each document

Project management

Project progress status, organization, development product are managed systematically and easily through management of product development processes.
    • Project management and product development process (WBS), and management of progress for each stage and progress rate
    • Reporting in various forms, supporting monitoring function, and management of history of project rescheduling

Drawing management

Drawings related to design products are comprehensively managed. Drawings related to products can be classified, registered, searched, and modified and the history of drawings can be managed according to version and type.
  • Drawing classification management system, multi CAD registration, modification, deletion, storage, and search in various conditions
  • Information, version, revision history, status management of drawings and linkage with BOM through connection with CAD

Management of design change

Work efficiency can be improved through distribution of design specification and details of changes, management of progress of application of design changes and prompt handling of design change request and notice.
  • Supporting design change process (design change request and notice) and comprehensive management of information related to design changes
  • Management of progress of application of design changes and hardcopies of design change request and notice

4M management

4 factors (4M) that affect product quality can be managed systematically.
  • Supporting 4M process changes, and 4M registration and search, and management of information related to 4M before and after change
  • Management of progress of application of design changes and supporting of history management according to reasons for change and search

Workflow control

Information about product development can be promptly shared through electronic approval and distribution, and real-time monitoring is available through graphical workflow editor.
  • Supporting organization of various approval line (review, approval, agreement) and linkage of g/w and email
  • Supporting template, incoming and outgoing notice for team and individuals through standardized work process

FMEA management

D-FMEA and P-FMEA are managed systematically and potential causes of failure are managed in a database.
  • Registration and information of D-FMEA and P-FMEA are managed and information about quality is managed in a database.
  • Comprehensive management of related information (parts, BOM, design change, and project), supporting of search information for major causes of failure

RoHs management

All hazardous chemicals are prevented from being used to products through management of standards for hazardous chemicals
  • Management of registration and approval of RoHS information (materials, certificate, information of suppliers, date of renewal, etc.)
  • Management of concentration of hazardous chemicals, history of change and comprehensive management of related information

Linkage with CAD

PLM system manages overall multi CAD data and automatically forms BOM and title section.
  • Management of changes through multi CAD registration, search, and check-in and check-out.
  • Linkage of CAD BOM and PLM BOM and automatic formation of BOM and title section on 2D drawing.

Linkage with ERP

Information about products, design changes, and BOM that should be shared between PLM system and ERP system are sent to ERP system
  • Product information (item master data)/ BOM data (BOM before and after change)
  • Information related to design change (design change No., data, details)

Linkage with DRM

Encryption technique is applied to important documents and drawings based on linkage with PLM system and piracy and release of drawings are prevented.


In rapidly-changing global competitive environment, iBow Solution provides PLM (product lifecycle management) solution optimized for customer’s environment through Dyna products consisting of DynaPLM, DynaView, and DynaMOAD. iBow Solution boosts customer’s value and contributes to product innovations to ensure optimal work environment. Dyna product offers comprehensive e-business platform that is designed to support collaboration and success of a company regardless of industrial or system environment. Object-oriented software development environment with DynaMOAD and exchange of information standardized for corporate applications including ERP, SCM, CRM, and CAD are the key elements of iBow Solution’s PLM model.
As an optimal PLM solution reflecting the best working practices of domestic manufacturing environment, Dyna PLM is a core solution of iBow Solution’s PLM model chosen by 1500 users on 53 reference websites of Japan, China, Germany, and Taiwan.
Image viewing solution that allows users see drawing data of different type of commercial CAD without installation of related application. DynaView supports CAD file of CATIA and AUTOCAD widely used in manufacturing and engineering areas, various image formats such as TIF, GIF and JPEG, and international standard IGES and STEP.
DynaMOAD(Model Oriented Application Development)
DynaMOAD developed by iBow Solution offers ULM-based, object-oriented software development environment.
By using standardized project development methodology (INNO-METHOD) with DynaMOAD, development efficiency of project increases and period for installment decreases based on sufficient industrial templates, and this provides customers with faster effect compared to investment.